Design and high quality professional espresso coffee machines


Willpower and the ability to interact with the major manufacturers and industrial leaders are the factors that enable us to turn genuine and uncontaminated ideas into winning and technically advanced products. On 2006 with this spirit in mind the Orchestrale line was developed as a result of a cooperation project about Etnica and Phonica between D.I.D. and C.M.A. a leading manufacturer of espresso coffee machines and, above all, a company with a staff of people who are open to and passionate about innovative ideas.

Since 2010 D.I.D. started planning its 100% own production devising and realizing Nota in 2011 and Radiofonica in 2015, setting up an ad hoc line of production for these projects, that required a particular handcrafted attitude and an ossessive care for materials, for component parts, for details and for tests.

All Orchestrale machines combine leading-edge components with exclusive details and finishes. In addition all machines undergo stringent tests by D.I.D. and their functionality and reliability are certified in compliance with international norms.

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