Orchestrale Brochure - page 5

It is a professional machine with thermosiphonic
supply system, E61 Levetta brewing raised group, 3
Lt copper boiler, a professional sized rotary pump,
a protection thermostat for heating element, water
loading from tank of 2,8 Lt with capacitive level
detector and from water system, separate boiler
pressure and water pressure gauges, easy to adjust
boiler pressure essential for different coffee types and
It is also available with double pumps (rotary pump
plus one vibration pump only for refilling the boiler)
more appreciated in professional use.
Colour options
Satin steel sides (base model)
Methacrylate sides: white/black
Tempered glass sides: white/black
Matt painted steel sides: white/black
with satin steel back panel
Totally matt painted: white/black
(steel sides and back panel)
Taps with joystick
White filter holder 1 and 2 cups
Black or white filter holder E.S.E. pod
and capsule adapter
Steam and water wands with teflon
inside cold touch
Technical and aesthetic customization
p r o f e s s i o n a l
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