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Espresso machines

This collection of espresso coffee machines was conceived as a poem (collection spirit) inspired by the historical and indivisible bond between the great cultures of coffee and music in the Italian tradition and all around the world. Orchestrale wants to pay homage to the music because music is a place of connection among people as coffee is becoming all over the World and it wants to be a special dedication to the user of our coffee machines, who is seen as a great conductor of orchestra who knows how to get the best from the symphonies, or rather the blends he has chosen.

Orchestrale is not only a made in Italy design, but a collection of made in Italy professional espresso and cappuccino machines as well, where technology, componentry (from the E61 groups till to the frame of stainless steel AISI 304) and labor and passion above all are completely made in Italy.

Professional coffee machines: the NEW Radiofonica 2 raised E61 groups, Etnica and Phonica models available in the automatic and semiautomatic versions with normal and raised E61 groups (1 gr., 2 gr. compact, 2 gr., 3 gr.) and Etnica display and Etnica display TT available only automatic with normal and raised E61 groups as well (2 gr. and 3 gr.)

Levetta professional coffee machine: Nota is the most compact 1 group professional espresso coffee machine among the Orchestrale collection. It's a manual E61 levetta raised group ideally suited for small bars and cafes, dedicated to the espresso coffee connoisseur and to the best in coffee that want to have at their home or office the maximum they can ask a small size espresso coffee machine.

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