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June, 2014

New Nota 2014

After the great success Nota 1 group levetta, who was born as a only model with double pump (rotary and vibration), is now available in 2 versions, both professional but with 2 different philosophies:

1- Nota basic model with rotary pump (without vibration pump):
   more silent than the double pump model, so more suitable for a professional use at home, it's done witn a control board that gives priority to the coffee supply and than to the water refill into the boiler.   
   The boiler refilling, when necessary, happens after the coffee supply so always permitting a costant pressure of 9 bar, without a minimum gap.

2- Nota with rotary pump and vibration pump (now as optional):
    dedicated to professional barman that love the machine and the concept of double pompe.

Furthermore Nota has a new electronic water detector that replace the previous mecanichal one: now the detector advise the water reserve without alarming and stopping the machine, giving the opportunity to finish the coffee supply in progress thank's to the controlboard.

Now Nota is also available with water and steam taps with Joystick and white matt or black matt painted like Etnica and Phonica.
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