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December, 2014

Spirit of our coffee machines with Luigi Lupi

Finally the video!

It represents what it was in my mind while I was writing the "poem" I wrote when I was creating the brand and the design of Orchestrale espresso coffee machines.

This poem became the spirit of Orchestrale collection because I was imagining to get into a bar and have a view of the Barista as an orchestral conductor .

During our experience in the magical Coffee World, we have had the chance to become friends with Mr. Luigi Lupi ( SCAE - Authorized Trainer and certification) and we had the honor of seeing him as the star of the movie I expected to change so long. 
Luigi shows his professionalism and elegance in every moves and he's the perfect man to represent the professionalism and the beauty of our professional coffee machines and I hope he will be proud to have been part of this project.

During the filming , I also had the opportunity to see some of my friends appearing , my family especially my syster Barbara (min.1,30 ").

The images with the musicians were taken in Oretoire du Louvre in Paris, where Orchestral coffee machines has been sponsor for the Orchestra Chimera documentary video on March 2014.

The music you listen is : Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello Suite # 1 - Prelude
remake in the second part Cello: The Piano Guys Cello song

I really hope you will love it!!!

Marco Breda

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