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November, 2015

NEW Entry Level Radiofonica

Today in South Korea at the booth n°A710 of Korea Alesso the Worldwide launch the NEW Entry Level professional espresso coffeemachine 2 E61 groups, always with thermosiphonic supply system. 
Its name is RADIOFONICA because t’s inspired by the radio orchestras (orchestra radiofonica) born almost a century ago, that allowed to many people to be able to listen to real orchestras that previously could not attend. With the same spirit Radiofonica is born as a traditional machine that wants to give an easier e simplier opportunity to many more people all around the World to enjoy a good and traditional coffee extraction.
So its design recalls the OLD RADIO: always high quality and always 100% made in Italy professional espresso machine . You''ll love it!

Radiofonica at the moment is available only in Korea because korean market asked for 150 units within the end of 2015. It will be available since January for all other Countries but USA and Canada ( there we hope June 2016). Anyway you and all our distributor will receive all details in the near future.

Marco Breda and Vito Bettiol

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